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The Builders Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting children and families that may need special help. Our goal is to provide grants for special quality of life needs such as medical, educational, housing or recreation.

The foundation has evolved from a golf outing started 15 years ago. It has quickly become one of the most enjoyable and rewarding events that participants have been involved with. When the event started 15 years ago with a few players at Virginia National Golf Club, the only thing that was anticipated was that everyone would have a great time. Dennis Mitchell noted, “The following January I started receiving phone calls inquiring as to when I was going to have my outing. I responded by asking, “what outing?” He finally conceded and scheduled the second year. After discussions with a core group of individuals, Dennis decided to make the golf event a benefit outing. Co-founder, Larry Hardman, and Dennis Mitchell contacted Special Olympics to make them the beneficiary. Everyone originally anticipated making a couple hundred dollars for them. That very first year we knew that something great was about to happen when we ended up making over $5,000.00 for Special Olympics. The following year we ended up filling the course and reluctantly had to turn people away. That 2nd year we made approximately $30,000.00 for Special Olympics. Dennis notes, "I don’t believe anyone in his or her wildest dreams imagined it would grow to this magnitude." Due to this event’s overwhelming success and popularity, The Builders Foundation raised the bar by initiating a split shotgun format, one group in the morning and one group in the afternoon. In addition to the annual golf event, The Builders Foundation is now hosting multiple fundraising events each year.

Everyone that has ever participated in one of our charity events should feel a strong sense of pride and accomplishment. To date, we have raised almost $200,000 for Loudoun Special Olympics. The Special Olympians’ make our efforts seem easy and they are so wonderful in their purity that professional athletes should look to them as examples for them to follow. The Special Olympics will continue to remain one of the beneficiaries for The Builders Foundation. With the success that we have had, we have been donating to other worthy groups or individuals with certain needs that meet the goals of our core mission. We have found that many charities spend more money than they give to the designated recipients. The Builders Foundation is committed to giving 100% of all funds earned, after expenses, back to the community. We have no paid staff or overhead costs other than the expenses associated with hosting our fundraising events.

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