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Your commitment to the Loudoun County Special Olympics is truly commendable. We are particularly grateful because it is contributions like yours that help our Special Olympians achieve their goals and continue to make our Special Olympics Program a tremendous success.

Cynthia H. Welsh, Director, Parks, Recreation and Community Services, Loudoun County, VA – June 2002

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for the check for $6,000! As I stated in the application, it will be put to the best possible uses to enhance the Board’s projects through adaptive recreation programs. I was very impressed with all the kindness shown to me. You’re a great group. It was fantastic that you paid the young lady’s tuition. She seems like such a deserving person, and so smart! Whatever greatness she achieves will come back to your Foundation for helping her get there. Thank you again for your kindness. Sincerely, Betty Hott President Special Recreation Advisory Board

Thank you so much for your generous donation during the 2008 Holiday Season. Your assistance made it possible for the Coalition to help 1,100 families in November and 1,700 in December!

Kara Earl, Holiday Coalition Program Coordinator – December 2008

Dear Builders Foundation, Thank you for everything you have done to help me! Without you, I don’t know where I would be right now. Coming to my aid when my computer got stolen was more than I could have asked for and I am truly grateful. I would like you to know that I will be attending school to get my degree in Pharmacy or Ph D in pharmaceutical sciences. Your support is what is allowing me to possibly further my education and, once again, I thank you!

Megan - College Student Beneficiary 2008 and 2009

Megan never does anything small - only big things will come from her. She will make you proud that your Foundation has played such an important role in her life.

Megan’s sponsoring parent


A huge thank you to you and your friends at The Builders Foundation.  Like I have said before, you're an amazing group of people and I feel privilaged to know each one of you.  My families were grateful for what they were given during the holidays.  Each year I receive a lot of hugs and shed many tears of joy.  This year was no exception as it was a particularly difficult year for many.  I would appreciate it if you would pass along this thank you.  Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Rhonda - Parent Liaison, December 2009


         ".....I can't express enough how much you have done for my family.  The lengths that you have extended yourself, you went above and beyond what I would have thought that any stranger would do to help a family in need."

Anonymous Beneficiary, May 2010


   "....We are complete strangers to you, but you still care enough to get us through the tough time in our life, and send me on a band trip.  You are truly amazing people.  I would love to help with your golf tournaments so that I can feel like I'm giving back to you somehow.  Even my mom and little sisters would help.  We all are so thankful for you.  We would be lost without you.  Thank you so much."

Anonymous High School Age Beneficiary, May 2010


 "....The CAC, in partnership with LAWS, helps to coordinate child abuse investigations and treatment of alleged victims and offers law enforcement agencies a child-friendly place to conduct interviews.  It brings together officials from many disciplines, including law enforcement, child protection, heath care and victim advocacy, to make decisions on how to handle cases.  Your gift will help to maintain a place where children and teens can feel comfortable in the knowledge that this is a place where they are safe and valued....Again, we thank you for your support and send our best wishes for a healthy, happy and peaceful fall season."

LAWS - Loudoun Citizens for Social Justice, October 2010